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“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

                                                                    — Simon Sinek

When the topic of content marketing arises, often the very first question to come up is, “what exactly is content marketing?” Let’s start there. Content marketing refers to a combined approach to marketing designed to reach a target audience with more than just a message — it’s aim is to communicate the collective story of the brand, business or organization. 


The traditional role of advertising has long been to catch people’s attention briefly, repeatedly. The idea here is that with repeated exposure, the product or brand becomes familiar, and that familiarity leads to purchase. The goal of content marketing however, is to share the story of the business or brand through multiple channels in an ongoing way. Sharing the story is about more than repeating a “buy now” message — it involves sharing the why behind the business, brand or product. 


This is accomplished through a combination of messaging strategies that each represent a different facet of the brand or business. Writing, graphic design, website design and content, photography, video, publicity and media coverage, collateral materials, infographics, interactive experiences, events, traditional advertising, swag, collaborative partnerships, blogs, editorials and advertorials, branding, community involvement, sponsorship, public speaking or performance, SEO and digital design are all examples of content marketing messaging strategies. 


These messaging strategies are delivered through platforms like the internet, websites, social media, Google Business, in-person, magazines, radio, television, books and printed materials, tangible products, through media outlets, and more. 


Sounds overwhelming, right? Not going to lie — it can be. This approach to reaching your audience isn’t well suited for the one-offs or half-assed. Content marketing is for businesses, brands, entrepreneurs and organizations looking to build loyalty and continued interest in what’s being offered. If traditional advertising is about wearing your audience down with your message on repeat in hopes of building familiarity, then content marketing is about letting your audience “in” on the magic behind the message in hopes of building a relationship. 


The next chapter of your success story starts here.

The decision to take your business to the next level is a big one. Ideally, this starts with getting your branding, website, content, and digital presence in order. When you’re ready to get the ball rolling, we’re ready to help! From branding and logo design, to getting you all set up on social media and Google Business, to mapping out your entire approach to marketing — our goal is to make sure your presence, digital footprint, brand and messaging are as authentically awesome as they are attention-grabbing. 


We work closely with businesses in this stage to help identify what needs to be done, and throughout the process. This allows us to build both a relationship and a solid foundation for everything that comes next — whether you work with us in an ongoing way or not. Often setup includes a photo/ video shoot; custom branding package; creation of a collection of personalized graphics and digital assets; copywriting for your website and/or marketing materials; social media account setup + a round of engagement to build your audience; review solicitation and creation of “Featured Feedback” content; development of a marketing and social strategy and more. 


These packages generally take between four and eight weeks to deliver, and are completely customized for you, your business, and your goals.


What if you could have awesome, authentic content delivered? Or better yet, have this custom content scheduled for you, and set on “autopilot”? 

If you’ve ever found yourself staring blankly at your computer screen, pondering what to post, you’re not alone! One of the BIGGEST struggles for many business owners is developing a regular schedule for posting to platforms like social media and Google Business, then coming up with catchy content on the regular. 


Good Vibrations can create an entire package of custom, creative content for you, so you never again have to waste time wondering what, when, and where to post. This content is 100% personalized for you and your brand, and can be delivered in three, six, or 12-month packages. Because we know there’s NOTHING generic about your business, or our work — all content is customized to reflect your branding, vibe, goals, and unique message.


Additionally, we can also load your content into a shared library, and schedule it for you, using a third-party scheduling tool. This means we take what we’ve created for you, and set it to post automatically on social media, Google, or your website — which allows you to stay fully focused on running your business while your content is hard at work driving new business and sharing your story with the world!

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