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Remember when creating a website was a big, overwhelming ordeal? Luckily, those days are behind us … or at least, they should be. Website design and maintenance used to be something you literally had to learn a new language to do. This often meant business owners without full-time IT staff were held captive by websites they couldn’t update or change, and by the companies they paid to design and maintain them.

We’re here to tell you — there’s another way. A better way. 


At Good Vibrations, our goal is not to simply deliver a beautiful, branded, and brilliantly-written website that works perfectly, is optimized for all platforms and checks all the boxes for SEO. We believe you should have that AND it should be easy to use, update, access and maintain! 

We build websites for businesses, solo entrepreneurs, organizations, events and brands that reflect the vibe and voice of the client and deliver their message succinctly and function perfectly. When design is done, we then train our clients how to maintain, change and update their sites on their own. Prefer not to handle those tasks? We also offer worry-free maintenance packages, and easy peasy hourly billing options, so you can focus on doing

what you do best — running your business!


Already have a website you love? Right on! 


Good Vibrations can help you make changes, add new content, update, and manage your website. From something as simple as updating images or adding seasonal specials; to more complicated tasks — like adding new pages, widgets, plug-ins or SEO optimization — we take the pain out of updating your site. 

Looking for someone to monitor and manage your website in an ongoing way? We can do that too! Never will we ever bill you for stuff you don’t need or services that don’t serve you. We develop a customized package for every website client we work with, based on their uniquely individual wants and needs.

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