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Public Relations

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Amplify your message. Reach a bigger audience.

Connect with the media when it counts.

Reaching your target audience through a variety of media sources not only amplifies your message, increases participation and drives sales – it helps to set the stage for continued growth for years to come. Using professional media insight and an impressive list of well-developed media contacts, we can help connect your next event with the time in the limelight it needs to succeed

  • Press releases people will actually read and respond to 

  • Social media content and support 

  • Video and photography packages available

  • Event branding and graphic design services


Event Marketing

When it comes to events, the number of “moving parts'' it takes to make it happen can be staggering. However, few things are as important as making sure people know about and show up for your event. We've helped make some of Central Florida’s most memorable events successful. Here's how we can help you:

  • Poster design 

  • Social media content and support

  • Press coverage arrangement

  • Event advertising, marketing and publicity

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