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#WorkoutWanderlust: At the intersection of Yin and Yang

Workout Wanderlust: A fitness + travel blog

Few things have the power to refresh, recenter, and renew us like a good workout. The endorphins our brain produces during and after a solid sweat session can all but erase work-related stress, the empty ache of heartbreak or the unsettling anger of an argument -- albeit temporarily.

As the demands of a constantly connected world continue to take their toll on our health, it’s become increasingly important to find an outlet for relief -- not just for our own emotional well-being, but for the sake of those around us. Stress and the inability to disconnect doesn’t just affect us. It affects the teams we lead. It affects our partners. It affects relationships with friends and family. It affects our achievement. It affects our parenting. Heck, it even affects our sex drive.

A new perspective can be found atop Mesa Verde in Mancos, Colorado

People disconnect and recharge in all sorts of ways. Personally, in my own life, the stress-management solution seems to be a two piece puzzle: Exercise and travel. Exercise helps keep my mind and body healthy. It balances my mood, challenges my systems, and builds physical and mental strength. Travel readjusts my perspective. It feeds my soul, challenges my mind, and enhances understanding and emotional strength.

In other words, fitness is my Yin, and travel is my Yang.

One of the greatest joys in my life is sharing tales of how beautifully these two activities intersect.


If you regularly travel for work and are constantly looking for ways to stay active on the road, these stories are for you.

If you’re passionate about exploring the globe, meticulously stashing away every penny for your next trip, these stories are for you.

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide to active travel trips you'll love, without spending weeks of your own time on the research, these stories are for you.

If you’re just beginning your wanderlust journey, and find yourself fantasizing daily about all the destinations on your bucket list, these stories are for you.

If you've never left the state you were born in, but dream of someday roaming the globe, these stories are for you.


Wherever you fall on the travel and/or fitness spectrum of experience -- this is storytelling designed to speak to you.

As a fitness writer, traveler, and humble human I’ve been both a terrified novice, a seasoned expert, and just about everything in between.

This lends itself to a brand of authentic storytelling I hope resonates with, and inspires you.

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